Get back in shape in just 30 days

Back in your favourite clothes

Feeling strong, confident, motivated and ready to enjoy your life

Feeling fantastic in yourself!

All the planning has been done for you

Get AMAZING feel good results

Exercises that have been carefully chosen and put together in a format

That will strengthen, tone, shape and burn body fat in just 30 days.

No need to think about joining a gym,

Or finding the motivation to get there, trying to book in for a class, to hire a trainer or even to be wondering how to do this on your own.


Don’t worry about your ability to do the exercises either!

That’s all been taken care of, with easier and harder options to choose from, to cater for all ability levels and all ages.


This plan is about getting results!!


Feel good, body shaping, body toning, endorphin releasing fast track results in just 30 days!

You can do this all from the comfort of your own home, at a time in the day that suits your schedule.



The 30 day programme starts on Monday 14th October 2019


You will need a kettle bell like this one seen here (from decathlon)


if you can’t get hold of a kettlebell 2 x 2 litre bottles of water will do the job perfectly too! 



I recommend a kettle bell between 4 – 6kg for women and between 10-12kg for men


Pick up your water bottles from any supermarket!


Any doubts on this just message me, or email and i’ll happily advise.


*NOTE – there will be no ‘swinging’ exercises with the kettlebell in this programme at any point. 


Each day I will release a workout video in our facebook group


where all exercises will be demonstrated with harder and easier options for you to choose from


(The exercises will be varied, fun, and progress in difficulty as we go through the 30 days and you get fitter and stronger)



You watch the video, and action it at a time in the day that suits you, then report back in our private facebook group, where I’ll be there to support you every step of the way


Each workout will be no more than 20 minutes in total.


Your aim is to complete 5 workouts each week, with 2 days off to rest or catch up if you need to!


It’s that easy!



will  support  coach, motivate and challenge you throughout the 30 day programme to be and do your absolute best.


The programme starts

Monday 14th October 201



Just think, in 30 days

You’ll be fitter, faster, stronger, and leaner.  How good will that feel?






Just £30 for 30 days!


Here’s a sample of some of the results you can achieve by working with me

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