Saturday’s 8.30 – 9.15am, Stonnall Village Hall, Main Street, Stonnall, WS9 9DY 

If you love being part of a team and want to workout with other like minded people who will support and motivate you on your health journey, please read on….

Get personal training in a small group setting at a fraction of the price! You’ll be working in a structured, progressive and fun way that will really empower you to fall in love with your body again!

 All of our weekly sessions will be different, exciting and be using a whole range of equipment to keep you motivated and the results coming!  

You can expect to

Dramatically improve your health, get leaner, more toned and have more energy! 

Enjoy exercise and working in a team environment which will encourage you to achieve more!

Understand your body a whole lot better as each month we have a new focus and i give you some real health gems!

Improve your confidence and get your zest back for life!

Feel challenged and inspired!


“I love every minute of these sessions, they’re tough but I’ve learnt that I can do it!”

“My mood has really lifted since I started these sessions”

At the start of each month we give new members the opportunity to join us

Looking for a Motivational Personal Trainer?