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Clare Agg

Clare Agg


Are You Ready to Transform Your Health, Your Body and Your Mind and Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

Hi I’m Clare and I am passionate about helping people to feel better about themselves, getting results and changing people’s lives.

121 Health and Fitness is based in the village of Stonnall, Walsall (WS9) and thrives on it’s community feel, friendly and supportive atmosphere and nurturing environment.

I want to help people like you. People who have busy lives and can’t find the time to exercise. People who struggle to get themselves motivated, don’t believe they can be healthy or maybe that exercise is way beyond them. People who may also have health problems such as a high blood pressure, high cholesterol or are living with cancer. Real people who lead everyday lives and don’t know where to start but WANT to get that quality of life and health back.

If you have a strong genuine desire to regain your health and a positive attitude to making lifelong lifestyle changes then I want to help you and show how to be that person you desperately want to be.

Not sure where to start? just get in touch and we’ll arrange a call to find out what’s best for you.



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