When we feel like we need an energy boost it is all too easy to reach for the quick fixes, like the fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, sweets etc. You’ll get that instant quick energy hit yes, but then quickly followed by the energy crash as your blood sugar levels plummett from these pretty much zero nutrient waist expanding, energy zapping foods.

I have had a number of questions this week regarding how you can overcome energy dips, so here are my TOP 5 ENERGY BOOSTING FOODS;

Nuts –  Nuts are great to snack on but they also help us maintain our energy levels with their good fat content, not to mention the protein which helps us stay fuller and satisfied for longer. Cashew nuts are my favourite!

Good Carbohydrates –  When you are trying to lose weight one of the most common trains of thought is to cut out the carbs. We need good healthy carbs, so don’t cut them out! Carbohydrates are our bodies fuel so cutting them out will impact hugely on energy levels. Healthy carbohydrates such as porridge oats, whole grain breads and rice, and quinoa are all good carbs and provide is with slow release energy which will keep us going for longer.

Water – One of the most common causes of low energy is dehydration. Recommendations vary depending on activity level, health and size but the best advice is to drink water regularly throughout the day. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or fresh fruit for a varied natural taste and quicker energy boost response.

Fresh Fruit – Fresh fruits are natures sweets, containing Vitamin A and D, they are nutrient rich and have a great fibre content too. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack fresh fruit will help you maintain your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate – One square of dark chocolate (minimum 70%) is enough to give you an energy boost. It contains a natural stimulant similar to caffeine which will help you regain your energy and lift your mood too!

So, when your flagging and feel in need of a boost ditch the sugary processed sweets and snacks and try these top 5 high energy boosting foods to get you back on track.

For a naturally healthy and energy boosting dessert try my recipe for  APPLE CRUMBLE CUPS………


Clare x